BeeTV Apk: Why do Movies and TV Show lovers love it?

BeeTV Apk: BeeTV allows its users to stream movies and TV shows at Work cost. This app is a great entertainer, and everyone needs to know about it
There are more and more movies and TV shows streaming services which are taking the place of what used to be of television.

The device which we use as an entertaining purpose is just as important, and smartphones are highly used media consuming device out there, and developers are well aware of it. Thousands of apps are available out there for Android and iOS who delivers paid, and free movies and TV shows services and one of this app is known as BeeTV, and today we are going to talk about it along with its great features which you need to know.


People are always looking for free streaming services because not everyone is able to afford paid streaming services like Netflix and Amazon TV etc. There are lots of apps which allows people to stream for free with little compromise. Paid versions are always better than the free version, but that doesn’t mean that free streaming apps are bad. There many good apps out there in which you can stream high-quality movies and TV shows for free and one such app is called BeeTV

What is BeeTV App?

BeeTV is comparatively new to the market, and it’s impressive features have made it get into the spotlight in a very short period of time. BeeTV has a large library of movies and TV shows which are mostly English. This is one of the reasons why this app is getting popular. Since most people prefer only English content for better user experience, this is the app lots of people are going for.

If we talk about its streaming quality, it is absolutely great, and you get HD quality stream if your internet speed holds up with it. The library of BeeTV does not host any external links, and that is why starting any movie or TV show takes little to no time to start streaming.

Features of BeeTV App

1. BeeTV provides TV shows and Movies that you can stream for free. There is no subscription fee, and it has a plug and plays feature.
2. You can stream movies in high definition, and some movies are even available in 4K quality.
3. The app is user-friendly with a categorized section for the genres of movies, which makes the users much more appealing towards the app.
4. You can download any movies and TV shows to watch them when you are offline
5. You can customize your own category by making a playlist and watchlist where you can save your favorite movies that you can find easily when you want to watch it.
6. You can use BeeTV on Amazon fire stick, Fire TV, and Nvidia Shield.


BeeTv has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of time on Android and iOS. The features that it provides are undeniable, especially when they are free. So if you are also looking for free streaming apps then go for BeeTV